Time for a Reset

Time for a Reset

January is that time of year when most of us hit the reset button. We are in after what is usually time off of work or school, spent with family and friends, with plenty of gifts and tons of food. Yes, usually there are a few people that have added pounds to the body, so when you wake up on January 1st, it’s usually off to the gym where you find it a little busier than usual (even though most people are off). This is also a time to self-evaluate, to look back over the past year, see what went well, who helped, who you met, and what goals were accomplished. Or going to the other end of the spectrum, what didn’t work, who wasn’t helpful, etc. After those evaluations, we typically come up with our New Year’s resolution, which is usually to eat, be, and do better!

This year, as I scrolled through my social media accounts, I came across something interesting. There was a lot, or should I say enough, people who were spending a good amount of time talking about overcoming those who were against them in 2018. They also used that time to “encourage” others to move past their haters as well. It seems like that scenario is all too familiar. I’m not against resolutions or hitting the restart button if it helps create a permanent outcome. But honestly I think too many people waste time making resolutions of being better and doing this or that and focus on getting past your haters. I personally don’t do or believe in resolutions. I believe in lifestyle changes and those are things that go past a January 1st date with a different year behind it. Listen, I’m not telling you to not do this; however if you want to lose sixty pounds and you lose a pound a week, come January 1st of 2020, you still have eight pounds to go. Do you start over? No, I hope you keep pushing and reach the goal in March. And I hope along that journey you will have developed some healthy lifestyle changes that will last to 2020 and beyond. What if you’re an overachiever and lose the sixty by August? Do you slack off for the rest of the year and wait until January to pick something else? No, most times if there’s something else you want to accomplished you go after it then. I’m using weight as an example but this can apply to any area of our lives.

Now for those who don’t like us: there are billions of people on this planet, which means there are billions of different personalities. Chances are, we are going to find someone who doesn’t like us. Why waste time on them? I posted this on a couple of my social media accounts: growing up, I listened to my fair share of hip-hop and even gangsta rap (honestly I was always drawn the beat first). There was a saying I heard: “true killers roll in silence.” I don’t condone violence or glorifying anything that hurts or harms my fellow man, but when I actually thought about this, I felt it could be applied to anyone who has overcome an obstacle or achieved a dream. Most, if not all, of the rappers were given reasons why something wouldn’t work or why they had to live less than. You know what they did? They got silent. Why? Because they were busy working on a solution. When we get busy trying to solve a problem, you don’t have time to listen to the naysayers. Heck if you are really, as they say, “grinding”, you won’t even know people are against you. When you achieve success, your succeeding becomes the hitman that kills all doubt that was cast against you.
What does this have to do with barbecue sauce? I’m glad you asked. In creating a business, I had goals to achieve. I quickly learned that creating something successful required lifestyle adjustments (mostly when you have free time from other life commitments, it’s usually devoted to your business you are creating).

I also learned that even though I feel I have one of best gourmet barbecue sauces on the shelf, not everyone is going to like it (which is very evident when we do our taste-testing). Others will even tell you why your business won’t work. In that case, I have gotten silent and kept my focus on my product making it the best it can be. I truly believe believe as I succeed that will kill all doubt (no social media post needed).

As we embark upon this newsletter, I do want it to perk your curiosity…who am I kidding? I want you drooling all over your electronics, hankering for something to cover Jena’s in! Lol JK…kind of…?.

When you buy a product you are not just buying someone’s creation; you are, in a way, buying them. I believe when you have a chance to learn something more about the creator(s), it makes your purchase much more meaningful. In reading this, I hope you learn a little more about me. And in learning about me, you know you are getting a quality product from a person who cares and has compassion for people.


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